13 noiembrie 2016

Healthy and tasty with PandaVita

I recently received a sample of Baobab Powder from PandaVita, a business in UK. Baobab powder is extracted from the baobab fruit which grows in Africa. But probably you want to know omething about its benefits. 

First of all, the product is indeed like powder, has an intense smell and flavour and can be used in different ways: in cakes, drinks, salad, juices, coffee. The citrusy flavour and the content in fibers, potasium and magnesium give you energy and protect your heart. The potasium level in the baobab powder is even higher than that in salmon or bananas. 
It is recommended for those who practice exercises on a regular basis, but also for those who want to increase their immunity and iron levels in the organism.

The shipping is free in UK, but they can deliver worldwide. Prices of the products are very good and you can get some coupons if you are friends with them on social media

Let's show you the tasty milkshake I prepared with the baobab powder: 1 glass of milk, 1 banana and 2 teaspoons of baobab powder. You imagine that my energy level increased a lot, because bananas are also rich in potasium. 

If you want to see more recipes, you cand find them here.  
If you need a coupon, you can use SILVIA15 for a 15% discount. 

Please let me a comment below if you tried the products and/or used the coupon! 


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