19 mai 2017

Embers of Atlanta by Laurentiu Badea - FREE

I have just finished reading this amazing short story written by Laurentiu M. Badea who is a writer, blogger and also a graphic designer. 

Cover created by Laurentiu M.Badea

You can find Laurentiu on his official Facebook page, on Twitter, on Youtube or on his blog Alien Tower where he mostly writes about games and movies in English.

He is also known for The Tiniest Elf (Cel mai mic spiridus), Remains (Ramasite), You don't fool me (Nu ma pacalesti). 

The other day he published on Amazon a new short story - Embers of Atlanta. I had the honour to read his book on my Kindle Touch and it was a great experience. This story has three chapters that escaladate from a dreamy atmosphere in the former to a noir atmosphere in the last one. A story of crime, mystery and lost souls. 

You cand read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. 

I mostly appreciated his style, the lack of cliches and that the evolution of the story surprised me. The characters were strong and I definetely believe the story should have a spin-of because I really want to read more about them. I want all details even if sometimes it is better to just dive into the mystery. 

So, I recommend you this book or the other short stories of the author. His style improved a lot recently and the images created in this book are very powerful. 
The words used by the author give life to images and sounds and when you read, you can picture the story and the characters like they were in a movie. You can see that girl walking through the park, you can feel the wind in your veins and the metaphorical embers burning your skin. 

If you like mystery and crime short stories with a dreamy atmosphere, if you like strong characters, this book is for you.

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