7 mai 2016

Europa Season - Hungary week

I had the honor to attend this beautiful concert at Oltenia Philarmonic this evening (6th May 2016), in Craiova, Romania, being invited by a friend of mine, Mrs Mirela Coman. This concert celebrates Hungary, the 26th country in Europa Season, a great event organized by Oltenia Philarmonic, having as partners the embassies and consulates of EU member states. 

I have to recognize that this is my first attendance in this season and I am really impressed by the event. Europa Season started on 23rd October 2015 and will end at 20th May 2016, 28 weeks celebrating the 28th member states of EU. I can only imagine the efforts behind the scene for organizing such a great event, on such a long period (7 months). 

I accepted the invitation of Mrs Mirela Coman because I really feel the need to do more things for myself. I make time for reading and watching a lot of movies, but I rarely succeed to go to the theatre or the philarmonic. This evening I attended this beautiful and amazing concert and the conclusion is that I want to get out of the comfort zone more often. :)

The concert lasted almost 2 hours, from 7 pm to 9 pm. There were two parts, first with the Orchestra conducted by ÁDÁM MEDVECZKY (born in 1941) and the second with the pianist Tamas Erdi (born in 1979). I think it is always very impressive to see how an Orchestra and a Conductor make such a wonderful team, how they succeed to coordinate themselves. During the concert, I listened to the music that calmed me, but I also looked at their faces and see their concentration and passion. No words, just music and musical instruments, just sound and soul and passion. 

The pianist lost his eyesight as a consequence of an oxygen overdose in a defective incubator, according to the official web site of Tamas Erdi.  I really loved the piano part of the concert and the way the pianist communicated with the audience with his smile, hands and body. He inclined in front of the audience applauding him. It was touching. 

ÁDÁM MEDVECZKY & TAMAS ERDI, Photo credit: Laurentiu Badea

 Photo credit: Laurentiu Badea
During the pause between the parts, I heard a story about a boy in Craiova who came to the Philarmonic to listen to the pianist. The boy whose name I do not know is also blind and playing the piano. After the concert, the two pianists, one known and one on his way of becoming known (why not?) smiled in front of our cameras.

Photo credit: Laurentiu Badea, https://www.facebook.com/laurentiumbadea/

You can hear Tamas Erdi on his official Youtube channel:

After the concert, we took a group photo :)

Beautiful people 
In conclusion, I think we all have to go to the philarmonic more often and I want to highlight that education has an important role. Children need to receive a musical culture in order to learn to love this type of music. You are not born loving music, books, music or theatre. You learn that. So, let's try to promote more these values in music or other arts. 

I am grateful for this evening, I really appreciate it, I met new and beautiful people!
Thank you, Mirela Coman, for the invitation! Thank you, Oltenia Philarmonic for this event and thank you, ÁDÁM MEDVECZKY & TAMAS ERDI for the beautiful music.