24 ianuarie 2017

Tv Show Time - my fav app

I love tv series and I always felt overwhelmed trying to remember the dates for the new seasons or new episodes and so on. I do not remember the exact moment I found Tv Show Time, but this app is like a genius :) It reminds me to check new episodes, you even receive some badges and who does not love badges? I am a geek, I know.  You can make short reviews, you can vote actors, episodes, you can make some friends to talk about your favorite shows. 

I love it! 
If you find out about a tv show that it is not launched yet, you can add it to your list in TV Show Time app and you will be reminded that day. Awesome!

For example, one my favorite shows are: Homeland, Grey s Anatomy, Ray Donovan, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Man in the High Castle, Hannibal, 24, X Company and many others :)

What are your favorite tv shows and how do you keep the record for new releases? :)