20 februarie 2017

The Kindness Challenge

Besides the formal meetings with my students, I also have some informal ones. So, at the beginning of the semester, I wanted to challenge them somehow. So, I launched the Kindness Challenge event you can find on Facebook here:


The event has as a deadline March 15, but you do not have to be present anywhere so it is a global event, no matter the language you speak or the country you live. If you accept the challenge, use #kindnesschallenge and tag me @Silvia Puiu on Facebook. Maybe some pics or a video you can share is a great idea, too.

The challenge implies to do an altruistic gesture for a person you do not know or you know very little. If the person wants to thank you, you may tell him or her to pay it forward.

At the end of the day, please write down happy you felt during your gesture, at the moment of writing and how the person reacted after your gesture.
If you are kind, e-mail some of this to me (silviapuiu@gmail.com). I would love to hear about worldwide gestures of generosity and kindness.

Thank you and let yourself be inspired by humans! :) #bekind #kindnesschallenge #killthemwithkindness