3 septembrie 2017

A new life as a vegan

Recently I reduced the consumption of meat and I only ate it once or twice a week. During the last two months, I noticed some improvements such as: less acne, some weight loss, a better sleep, more energy. 
It was not a radical decision, it came naturally to me. But after two months, I started to watch a few documentaries such as What the Health and I decided to become a vegan, so no meat, fish, eggs or dairy products, gelatin. On September 1st, I completely gave up to meat or fish and starting this evening, I will completely be a vegan. 

So, watch out, friends and family! :) I am aware that this would be uncomfortable for them. I try to educate myself and have all the nutrients needed from a plant-based diet. It is not so difficult if you make a research and eat various fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and other healthy products fortified with B12, calcium, vitamin D. 

My reason is mostly related to health, preventing diseases, but there are other benefits especially for the environment. 

So, if you are a vegan or you have something to share with me, recipes or anything, please leave me a comment below.