6 iunie 2017

Do you need a graphic designer?

Sometimes you need the services of a graphic designer, because you want something (a book, a flyer, a magazine, a journal) to look professional. I like to write but I cannot be a pro when it comes the time to create a cover for my book or edit the journal of my students. 

So, I used the services of a graphic designer I recommend because he is very passionate about everything he does, he is a perfectionist and puts a part of his heart in his work. 

If you want to see his portfolio, you can see it on his Facebook page - Laurentiu Badea - Writer and Graphic Designer

For example, he is responsible with the creation of the online journal Cronica Studentului FEAA Craiova, which can be seen and downloaded here

If you like his work too, you can contact him on his Facebook page or on LinkedIn